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Oats – Are Oats Healthy?

With a whole lot of articles and stories floating on the internet on healthy eating and nutrition – one food item that invariably features is oats. Before you grab that jar of oats from the shelf, you need to understand what oats are, how they boost your health, and whether they suit everyone or not. Get the answers to all these questions right here.

What are Oats?

It may astonish you that oat is a plant and has three usable parts. The seed is called the oat, the outer layer of whole oats is called bran, and the leaves and stem provide you with oat straw.

Types of Oats

Though there are several types of oats, the most commonly used by people are mentioned here.

  • Steel Cut Oats

Manufacturers process the raw groats of oats by using a sharp metal. This type of oats are easy to cook and easy to digest.

  • Whole Oat Groats

You can use this type for cooking after removing the outer layers. They can be cooked easily.

  • Scottish Oats

The old method of Scottish manual stone grinding is used to eliminate the outer covering to get this type of oats.

  • Quick Rolled Oats

Most commonly found almost everywhere, these are quickly processed. The manufacturers steam and roll oat groats into flakes. This ensures that the oats retain essential healthy oils and last for long.

Why is Having Oats a Good Idea?

Oats can provide many health benefits to a person. They help reduce high blood sugar levels and can assist in controlling the cholesterol levels as well. People aiming for weight loss goals also benefit from having oats regularly as they give you a feeling of fullness for a long time and prevent you from overeating. Oat bran can help prevent the absorption of substances by the gut that can lead to many problems like high cholesterol and diabetes. Oats are also great for your skin as a simple application on the skin can help with swelling, and you see visible changes. Oats can also play a key role in preventing serious health issues like stomach cancer and heart disease risk, among others. Even pregnant women or women who breastfeed can trust oats as they are mostly safe in such situations too.

Why is Having Oats a Bad Idea?

Having oats, seemingly a superfood can be a bad idea for some people in some scenarios. Consumption of oats can lead to bloating and intestinal gas in several cases. If you want to avoid such situations, make sure you include a small serving of oats in your diet and increase it only when your body is used to the change. The sooner your body adjusts to the change, the quicker the side effects will go away.

How to Have Oats?

The best time to have oats is in the morning. You can experiment with different options like making a milkshake or smoothie with oats, or you can try amazing recipes like oats dosa, oats idlis, oats chila, etc. You can also have oats at lunch or dinner. The best thing about cooking oats is that they blend with other ingredients well and make your meals healthier.

It is quite clear that though oats, like every other food, have some side effects, you can reduce the side effects by being smart and have this healthy food daily. A couple of weeks are enough to show you the positive difference oats make to your overall health.

Divya Patwal


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