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NBFC Home Loan Interest Rates

Below are the Lending Rates and Interest Rates of NBFC (Non Banking Financial Companies)
RBI governs the lending rates in India for financial transactions by financial institutions. Earlier, RBI used to decide the base rate and all FIs would follow that rate

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Features and Home Loan eligibility from an NBFC

Home Loan Eligibility
NBFCs (Non Banking Financial Companies) base their home loan elgibility criteria on the borrower’s profile, which is defined by the following:

Monthly income (gross and take home)
Spouse’s income
Assets and liabilities
Stability of occupation
No. of dependents

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Home Loan Insurance from NBFCs

Almost all NBFCs (Non Banking Financial Companies) insist on insurance cover on the property mortgaged for a home loan, to deal with unforeseen calamities (fire, earthquake, floods, etc.). In fact, borrowers who avail a home loan against property mortgaged to the NBFC should also go in for life insurance (loan-secured […]

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