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National Insurance Co.Ltd vs Hindustan Safety Glass Works

The respondent Hindustan Safety Glass Works Ltd. had taken out two policies with the appellant National Insurance Company.  On 6th August, 1992, there was heavy incessancy rain in Calcutta resulting in heavy accumulation of rain water inside and around the factory/works of the respondent. According to the respondent, there was […]

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Moulivakkam Trust Heights Flats Affected Buyers Association & Other

About 43 cases were filed against various builders by consumers at National Commission which includes leading builders like Unitech, BPTP, Parsvnath, Jaiprakash Associates, Supertech, and TDI among others. The value of disputes was clubbed to reach the pecuniary jurisdiction. The builders had objected to cases being contested collectively by flat […]

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Right to Online Privacy Without Rules

Telecommunication in days of inception was controlled. Trunk calls were booked through telephone  exchanges .This was followed by direct dialling. Broadcast and television services on the other hand could be only availed in privacy of our home. Internet has broken down the walls. It is a two way communication though most of us use it […]

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World Consumer Rights Day- Building a Digital World-Consumers can Trust

World Consumer Rights Day- Building a Digital World-Consumers can Trust National World Consumer Rights Day is observed on March 15 each year as a means of raising global awareness about consumer rights. WORLD Consumer Rights Day (WCRD) is an opportunity to promote the basic rights of all consumers, demanding that […]

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