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Maternity benefits not applicable only to live births

The Pune consumer forum has slammed a private insurance company for denying maternity benefits to a woman who had to abort her 23-week twin foetuses due to medical complications. After a five-year battle by the victim, the court rapped the firm for acting unjustly and ordered full payment and compensation.Radha […]

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Aakash Institute penalised for poor service

Convinced that Aakash Institute had failed to provide the services it promised, Ahmedabad consumer forum has penalised the institute and asked its Ambawadi branch of to pay Rs 20,000 to the complainant along with eight per cent interest from 14 September 2017 till the date of payment. It also asked the institute to […]

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Britannia fined for selling packet with less than printed weight

Ahmedabad consumer forum has fined Britannia Industries for selling biscuit packets that weighed less than what was printed on them. The forum also asked the company to deposit Rs 25,000 in the Consumer Welfare Fund as a fine and pay another Rs 6,000 to Lalji Patel, the complainant. Patel had moved the […]

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Case Study: Consumer Forum Cannot Change its own order

The courts of law across the world make some amazing decisions that ought to be made by the people.- AnonymousIt happens quite often. Many individuals and organisations reach consumer forums with a request or an appeal to review, take back, revise or put a stay on its order. Such appeals […]

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