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Bank Locker Insurance

Do you have a Bank Locker Insurance?
With your jewellery and valuables inside your bank locker you can have a goodnight sleep. Well that is what you think so? However, one gets to read about safe locker thefts frequently and who knows your safety

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Advantages and disadvantages of bank lockers

Bank lockers are one of the safest options to keep your jewelry and important papers safe. Safe lockers are made of high quality thick steel plates with screws fitted on them making it difficult for robbers to break open. But do you know what are

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Tips for Hiring a Locker

We all know that keeping articles safe in a bank locker is the best possible way to keep your assets secured. But how to hire a safe locker that’s just right for you? What are the tips for hiring a locker? Though banks do

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What are the RBI Guidelines on Bank Lockers?

Do you think you really can have a sound sleep thinking your valuables are secured in safe deposit lockers? Well not really. The notification issued by the Reserve Bank of India or RBI on bank lockers clarifies that bank locker hirer in
India is

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