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How to improve air quality in your home?

Fully insulated homes, with windows double-glazed and lofts lagged, save on energy costs. But this can also seal in the pollutants that are found in the home. These pollutants are created while cooking, from using cleaning products and toiletries, or from an open fire.

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Operating Cost of Air Filters

Electricity consumption is not the only running cost of an air filter. The real expense is the cost of replaceable filters. The bigger air-purifier filter costs about Rs 8,000 and has to be changed every 7 months or so; filter of a smaller one

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Types of Home Air Purifier

A good-quality air purifier will do a great job of cleaning the air in your home. The most helpful purifiers will do this automatically when they sense a dip in air quality. But there are plenty of home air purifiers that are not powerful

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Home Air Purifier – Important Terms to know

Point to consider

Of primary concern are the other aspects of air cleaners including hazardous gaseous byproducts, noise level, frequency of filter replacement, and electrical consumption. Ozone production is typical of air-ionizing purifiers. Although a high concentration of ozone is dangerous, most air

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