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Supreme Court has debarred flat owners’ associations from filing complaints

Flat owners don’t be disappointed by the Supreme Court judgment barring your association from filing cases under section 12 of the Consumer Protection Act, 1986. VOICE Society can come to your rescue by filing cases on your behalf.

The Supreme Court of India has explained the term voluntary consumer association as a body formed by a group of persons coming together, of their own will and without any pressure or influence from anyone and without being mandated by any other provisions of law.

How VOICE Society is a Voluntary Consumer Association under section 12 of Consumer Protection Act, 1986:

Hon’ble National Forum in the case of Moulivakkam Trust Heights Flats Affected Buyers Association v M/s Prime Sristi Housing Pvt Ltd & 29 Ors. had stated that if some persons come together and form an entity for the purpose of pursuing, propagating, advancing or safeguarding etc., the interests of the consumers in general or even a class or sub-class of the consumers, such an entity, in our opinion, would qualify as a ‘consumer association’. VOICE Society clears all the tests to come under the definition of voluntary consumer association.

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