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You are a passenger who availed the services of the railways some time ago. But there was a gross negligence by the railway authorities for a duty or service that they did not render. You are upset about being taken for a ride by the railways. What do you do? Come to Consumer Voice with your complaint.


Why Consumer Voice

You can approach Consumer Voice for the breach of duty that the rail authorities committed. We will help you file the complaint and seek redressal for the harm done to you for the deficient service. If negligence or criminal negligence is proved, you will be

  • You, the consumer's interests will receive the right consideration at appropriate forums.
  • You will be represented in various forums formed to consider the consumer's welfare.
  • Your rights as a consumer will be explained to you. Armed with the knowledge from us, you can approach the consumer court against your exploitation by the railways.
  • Consumer Voice can represent you in consumer court.

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