Which Marie biscuit is better?

Consumer VOICE decoded food labels of 9 brands of Marie to know which brands meet the Recommended Dietary Allowances and which ones are safer for frequent consumption as per the international Traffic Light Labelling Standards, Read on to know which Marie biscuit is better.

Brands Compared :  Brittania Maire Gold, Brittania Vita Marie Gold, McVitie’s Marie, McVities Marie Whole Wheat, Patanjali Marie, Parle Bake smith english Marie, Priyagold Marie Fite, Anmol Marie, Bonn Marie Day

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Marie biscuits bring back great childhood memories. However, do we know what are Marie biscuit’s ingredients or calorie count. There is a whole Marie market out there. We shortlisted 9 brands of Marie to study the sugar and energy related information given on their labels. Since nutrition labels are not always easy or simple enough to interpret, or standardised for enabling comparison among brands in a specific category. We have put together the essential details on the basis of which consumers can make informed and healthy choices. We have also rated the sugar and fat quantities as per traffic light colours to understand the sugar and fat details. Consumers can then conclude which Marie biscuit is better.

Brands Compared

  • Brittania Maire Gold
  • Brittania Vita Marie Gold
  • McVitie’s Marie
  • McVities Marie Whole Wheat
  • Patanjali Marie
  • Parle Bake smith english Marie
  • Priyagold Marie Fite
  • Anmol Marie
  • Bonn Marie Day

Parameters Compared

  • Energy
  • Protein
  • Fat
  • Sugar

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