Tomato Ketchup – Is your brand the best?

A sweet and tangy sauce made with tomatoes, sugar and vinegar, tomato ketchup is almost a must for adults and children alike. But is it good to consume too much of tomato ketchup? Well Consumer VOICE has tested top 9 Tomato Ketchup brands in NABL laboratories to find the best one for you.

Brands Compared: Cremica, Delmonte, Heinz, Kissan, Maggi, Patanjali, Reliance, Tasty Treat, Tops

Parameters Compared: Sensory tests, Total Soluble substance, Acidity, Specific Gravity, Lycopene, Heavy Metals and Microbiological tests

What is Tomato Ketchup?
Tomato ketchup is most often used as a condiment to fried dishes that are usually served hot. Tomato ketchup is the product prepared by blending tomato juice/puree/paste of appropriate concentration with nutritive sweeteners, salt, vinegar, spices and condiments and many other ingredients suitable for product & heating to the required consistency.
Which brands were tested?
Nine brands namely Cremica, Delmonte, Heinz, Kissan, Maggi, Patanjali ,Reliance, Tasty Treat ,Tops were collected from retail markets and sent to NABL laboratory for testing.
What test methodology was used for testing?
The testing was conducted as per the test program mainly based on FSSAI regulations and relevant Indian standard IS:3882.
What are the important parameters?
The important parameters tested were sensory tests, total soluble substance, Acidity, specific gravity, lycopene,heavy metals and microbiological tests etc.
What are the key findings?
The key test findings on various qualitative and microbial safety parameters are available in September 2019 issue of “Consumer VOICE” magazine Please watch out for top performer brands as well as value for money.