Frost free refrigerators – Make a cool choice

Frost-free refrigerators are gaining in popularity and although they are more expensive than the direct-cool versions, the price gap is reducing and that has given this segment a clear boost. However, buying the right frost free refrigerator could be a tedious task with so many brands and variants available in the market. Consumer VOICE has made your task simple. It has compared the top 20 models of refrigerators available in the market based on parameters like storage capacity, volume, star rating, price and warranty.

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What is the difference between frost free refrigerator and direct cool refrigerator?

In direct cool refrigerator, refrigeration takes place by circulation of cool air naturally without any external aid. Hence, there is no way you are able to control the temperature distribution.

Frost free technology on the other hand, works on the principle of even distribution of cool air inside the fridge by electric fans. As there is no formation of ice, there is no need of defrosting.

Which models have been compared in the survey?

20 models of regular-selling brands of double-door, frost-free refrigerators with 240–300 litres capacity have been surveyed. These include 2 models of Godrej, 5 models of Haier, 4 models of LG, 4 models of Samsung, 2 models of Panasonic, 2 models of Voltas, and 1 model of Whirlpool.

What are the parameters compared?

Comparison has been done on Gross Volume (litres), Storage Volume (litres), Electricity Consumption (unit per year), Convertible  Type, BEE Star Rating, Price (Rs), Warranty (years).

What are the findings of the survey?

Details of survey on various parameters are available in the 'May 2019 Consumer VOICE Print and Digital magazine.