Instant Noodles – Is the salt too much and the fibre too less?

Monthly grocery list in most households is not complete without Maggi, Top Ramen Wai Wai etc. Yummy recipes and convenience – make it a snack on the go for most of us and not only for children. Well is it a healthy snack? Do they contain enough nutritional value? Can it be used as a substitute for any food? Read on to find out which brands have not mentioned their salt quantity on the label.


Whole Wheat Flour Atta Brands Maggi Atta, Patanjali Atta Classic, Top Ramen Atta

Refined Wheat Flour (Maida) Brands – Ching’s Schezwan, Knorr Schezwan, Maggi 2-Minute noodles, Reliance Select, Top Ramen, Wai Wai


Based on claims by brands, instant noodles are supposed to give us instant protein and calcium, among other things. The atta brands are also expected to contain fibre. Do they declare their fibre amount, though, considering that declaration of fibre/dietary fibre on the label is not mandatory as per Indian law? We shortlisted nine brands of instant noodles (three being atta noodles) to study the protein-, energy- and fibre-related information given on their labels. Interestingly, some of the maida brands have also claimed to contain fibre. Additionally, we have rated the sugar, salt and fat quantities as per traffic light colours.

Parameters Compared

  • Energy
  • Protein
  • Dietary Fibre

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