Which is a low fat Vanilla Ice Cream brand in India?

Ice creams are as addictive as drugs as per the latest research by Oregon Research Institute. High sugar and high fat content of ice creams contribute to the changes how the brain responds. But come summers and all of us crave for the ice creams and vanilla ice creams are always the favourite. We studied the nutritional labels of popular vanilla ice creams and frozen desserts to find low carb, low sugar and low fat vanilla ice cream brands in India. Our study shows costlier brands may have more sugar. Read on to read the full report.

Brands Compared: Amul, Cream Bell, Havmor, Kwality Wall’s,  London Dairy, Mother Dairy, Vadilal

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These days, many of the products in the ice cream aisle at your grocery store are ‘frozen desserts’. What is the big difference between an ice cream and a frozen dessert, one may ask? Well, while ice cream is mainly made from milk and milk products, frozen desserts are made with vegetable oils/fats. Generally, a frozen dessert is defined as any type of dessert made by freezing a mixture of liquids, semi-solids, and sometimes even solids. So, ice cream is also a type of frozen dessert – however, all frozen desserts cannot qualify to be ice cream. Ice creams are required to contain greater than 10 per cent milk fat. Consumers must read the nutrition facts table on the label to know which is which.

Know more about the difference between an Ice Cream and a Frozen Dessert.

So, while frozen dessert should be cheaper than ice cream, the fact is that during our study we found that frozen desserts are costlier than ice creams. Read on to know other nutritional facts in comparison with the RDAs and Traffic Light Rating System.

Brands Compared

  • Amul
  • Cream Bell
  • Havmor
  • Kwality Wall’s
  • London Dairy
  • Mother Dairy
  • Vadilal

We chose seven popular brands of vanilla ice creams and frozen desserts to interpret the nutritional information given on their labels.

Parameters Compared

  • Energy
  • Protein
  • Fat
  • Sugar
  • Price

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