Compare Washing Machines: Automatic Top Loading; Price Range less than 25K

Consumer VOICE experts compare washing machines – automatic top loading with 6.2 kg to 7 kg capacity. 18 models from various popular brands have been compared on the basis of price, rated energy consumption, tub type, drum capacity, net weight and warranty.

Brands Compared: LG, Whirlpool, Samsung, Midea, IFB, Haier, Videcon, Panasonic and Godrej

That the market is flooded with a plethora of models of washing machines is no news. But how many models roughly? Your guess is as good as ours! Numbers and models aside, what is the basis on which these washing machines are differentiated? Can’t be technology milestones most of the time! Study closely and you will see that the detail is more in the minor differences – mainly in the aesthetics, design, appearance, colour, size, etc. Considering that washing machines can cost anywhere between Rs 5,000 and Rs 80,000, not to forget the wide range of semi-automatic, fully automatic, top-loading and front-loading options that are available, you may want to be sure that you are getting value for your money. After all, apart from knowing how well the washing machine actually cleans and what washing options does it offer, you will also want to have a realistic assessment about the costs you will incur in terms of electricity and water bills. Read on to know the comparison of 18 models.

As per our market study, there are around 500 models of washing machines of various brands in the market, making the choosing and buying process anything but simple. So, click here for a Washing Machine Buying Guide which is a compilation of all the things you should know before making the all-important purchase. It is also important to know how to increase the life and efficiency of a washing machine

Brands Compared

  • LG
  • Whirlpool
  • Samsung
  • Midea
  • IFB
  • Haier
  • Videcon
  • Panasonic
  • Godrej

Parameters Compared

  • Price
  • Capacity
  • Net Weight
  • Drum type
  • Warranty
  • Energy Consumption
  • Wash Programs

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