Health food, yes, but is it adulteration-free?

Curd is one of the simplest foods that one can enjoy on any given day and the health benefits of curd cannot be ignored. It is convenient for us to pair curd or dahi with any of our daily meals. Curd is also one of the best sources of good bacteria. These good and beneficial bacteria are known to improve gut activity and soothe inflamed digestive systems. To check if the curd that you are buying the market is really healthy and adulteration free, Consumer VOICE has tested 2 brands of probiotic curd and 10 of plain curd. A couple of findings from our test results will reveal to us that the important determinants of quality vary across brands.

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What is curd made of?

The plain curd brands are prepared from toned milk, while the probiotic brands are prepared from double-toned milk.

Which brands have been compared?

2 probiotic brands have been compared which are Nestle a+ Actiplus Probiotic, Mother Dairy Advanced Probiotic. The 10 brands of plain curd which have been compared include Namaste India, Gowardhan, Mother Dairy Classic, Madhusudhan, Nestle a+ Nourish, Ananda Gopaljee, Vita, Amul Masti, Britannia Daily Fresh, and Paras.

What are the parameters used for comparative testing?

The key parameters included milk fat, solids not fat (SNF), milk protein, calcium, phosphorus, carbohydrates, cholesterol and saturated fats. We also carried out a series of tests to check for presence of heavy metals and microbiological contamination.

Where were the samples tested?

The samples were tested as per specification laid out by FSS Regulations, 2011 and Indian standard IS: 9617.

What is yoghurt?

Yoghurt is similar to curd but is made using a different strain of bacteria called Lactobacillus bulgaricus and Streptococcus thermophilus. Other strains of lactic acid bacteria (LAB) may also be added in addition to these in the yoghurt.

What are the Test Findings?

Details of test findings on various parameters are available in the 'April Consumer VOICE Print and Digital Magazine’ magazine.