Inverters – Your friend in blackout time

Inverters are as good as a necessity if you live in a locality that experiences frequent and unannounced power cuts. Of course there is nothing like a standard inverter that serves all purposes for everyone. That will depend on factors like your power requirements and the appliances you will need to run on your inverter. Here, the battery capacity plays the determining role. It will determine how many backup hours the inverter will provide and for how many hours your equipments will run. Going cost-effective may not prove to be the wisest course here because better battery life and maintenance may not come at the cheaper prices.
Brands Compared: Luminous Zelio (1,700 capacity), Luminous Zelio (1,100 capacity) Microtek Static Converter UPS SEBz, Microtek Hybrid, APC BI850SINE, Exide 850VA Pure Sine Wave, Microtek Upseb, Luminous Ecovolt, Microtek Ups 24×7 Hb (725 capacity), Amaron 880VA, Su-Kam SHINY, Microtek UPS 24×7 HB (950 capacity), Su-kam Falcon Eco (1000 capacity), Luminous Ecovolt, Luminous Zelio (1500 capacity), Microtek SEBz, Su-kam Falcon, Luminous Cruz, Microtek Jumbo, Su-kam Falcon Eco (2000 capacity)


Parameters Compared

  • Capacity (VA)
  • Sine Wave/Quasi Sine Wave/Square Wave
  • Inverter

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