Is the butter on your table the healthiest?

Salted or unsalted butter which one should you opt for? Butter is a good source of vitamin A and has a little bit of vitamin D as well. Of all of these attributes, which have the most say in determining the quality of the said butter, you may wonder. To know all the answers, Consumer Voice has tested popular table butter brands to find the best salted butter brand in India. The test has been done at NABL accredited labs as per Indian Standard IS:13690 and Food Safety Standard regulation for Fresh Butter.
Brands Compared: Vita, Verka, DMS, Mother Dairy, Gowardhan, Amul and Paras

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Parameters Compared

  • Milk fat
  • Moisture
  • Acidity
  • Common Salt

Nutritionally speaking, your table butter has roughly 80 per cent milk fat (mostly saturated), 12 to 16 per cent water, 2  per cent nonfat milk solids (lactose, protein), and 2 to 3 per cent added salt. It is the most concentrated of dairy products, containing about 740 kilocalories per 100 grams (210 kilocalories per ounce). So, here we are, evaluating seven brands of table butter on attributes as per their importance and relevance. Since so much butter is not good for one’s health, what with the saturated fats in it, one will be well advised to choose a brand that meets the basic quality requirements specified in the food standards, especially with regard to fat, solids not fat, moisture and salt. The findings from our test results will reveal, among other things, whether the brands have the minimum 80 per cent milk fat as specified by the food standards.

We tested the seven brands on a range of quality, safety and acceptability parameters. These included milk fat, milk solids not fat, curd, moisture, acidity and common salt. The brands were further subjected to adulteration tests, microbiological tests and sensory tests.

The samples were tested as per requirements of FSS Regulations, Agmark and Indian Standard 13690. We followed the standard test methods at an NABL-accredited laboratory.

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