Which is the best Rusk?

Rusk – the humble tea accompaniment is dominated by local brands. However the branded market of rusks is growing by the day and we at Consumer VOICE studied some popular rusk brands to decode their food labels and discover the best rusk. 

Brands Studied :   Bonn, Britannia, Daily Eats, Kidys, Haldiram, Nanji, Parle, Tasty treat, Britannia (Milk Rusk), Parle (Milk Rusk)


Rusk is a common teatime accompaniments in India—it is perhaps as popular as the biscuit itself. Come to think of it, a rusk is a rectangular, hard, dry biscuit prepared by double-baking bread. The word ‘rusk’ is derived from rosca, which is Portuguese for ‘a twisted, coiled roll of bread’. It was originally discovered to preserve bread during the dry weather. While the shelf life of bread used to be just a few days, rusk could last for a few months.

Today the market for branded rusk is growing, though unbranded players and local bakeries still dominate the segment. For our report, we shortlisted eight brands of rusk namely Bonn, Britannia, Daily Eat, Kidys, Haldiram, Nanji, Parle and Tasty treat and two of milk rusk namely Britannia and Parle to study and compare the information given on their food labels. This humble snack, regarded as a relatively healthy option, is expected to be a source of protein and energy.

Alongside, we have rated the sugar and fat quantities as per traffic light colours to enable consumers to make an informed choice. Nutritional labeling of packaged food products refers to the disclosure of the main nutrients, such as energy, fat, protein, carbohydrate, sugar and salt content, on the label. As per India’s Food Safety and Standards (Packaging & Labelling) Regulations, 2011, mandatory nutritional information or nutritional facts per 100 grams or 100 millilitres or per serving of the product shall be given on the label.


  • Bonn
  • Britannia
  • Daily Eats
  • Kidys
  • Haldiram
  • Nanji, Parle
  • Tasty treat
  • Britannia (Milk Rusk)
  • Parle (Milk Rusk)


  • Energy
  • Protein
  • Fat
  • Sugar

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