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We shortlisted nine brands of salted potato chips to study the protein and energy related information given on their food labels. We have also rated the sugar, salt and fat quantities as per Traffic Light Labeling System – after all, potato chips are considered to be one of the top most reasons to promote obesity in children and adults. Hence, it is important that we know how much are the sugar, salt and fat levels and which is the potato chips brand to buy.

Brands Tested : Lay’s Classic Salted, Haldiram’s Classic Salted, Parle’s Classic Salted, Uncle Chipps Plain Salted, Yellow Diamond Plain Salted, Fun Flips Classic Salted, Kettle Studio Naked Sea Salt, Kakaji Aaloo  Waffers, Kaleva Aaloo Waffers

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Potato chips satisfy our cravings for salty and fatty foods, and they are a convenient snacks option, we may want to understand the information given on the packet that we pick up. Given that nutrition-related labels are not always easy or simple enough to interpret, or standardized for enabling comparison among brands in a specific category, we have in the following report culled out the essential details on the basis of which we as consumers can make informed choices. We zeroed in  on  nine  popular  brands  of  potato chips to interpret the nutritional information given on their labels.

Brands Tested

  • Lay’s Classic Salted
  • Haldiram’s Classic Salted
  • Parle’s Classic Salted
  • Uncle Chipps Plain Salted
  • Yellow Diamond Plain Salted
  • Fun Flips Classic Salted
  • Kettle Studio Naked Sea Salt
  • Kakaji Aaloo  Waffers
  • Kaleva Aaloo Waffers

Parameters Studied

  • Energy
  • Protein
  • Fat
  • Sugar
  • Salt

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