Which is the Best Packaged Drinking Water (20 lts.)?

Packaged drinking water or bottled water is under the scanner for it being contaminated and unfit for drinking. This is true not only in India but around the world. Consumer VOICE tested 4 leading bottled water brands and one Delhi based brand and found three brands unfit for consumption. Read on to know which are these and discover which is the best packaged drinking water brand.

Brands Tested :  Aquafina, Bisleri, DJB Jal, Kinley, Puredrop

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Whether  in one-litre  bottles or 20-litre  bubble-topped cans, packaged  drinking water has become a common sight and a much in demand product. Without getting into the debate and irony of water as a commercial product, we at Consumer Voice decided that it was high time consumers knew about the safety and acceptability parameters relevant to this ‘precious commodity’  (an oxymoron, if you will).

We present here our findings on five brands of the 20-litre packaged water. The questions and parameters were whether the water we procure at a price is drinkable enough. It certainly is not as simple as checking if the water looks clean and clear. Harmful, microscopic organisms are not visible to the naked eye. If they were, we would not be consuming the brands that we did, despite their not fulfilling basic safety conditions (as our tests show). The following report will turn out to be an eye-opener in more ways than one, because it will throw up names that are not recommended for consumption mind you, some of these have been household names for a while now. Read on to find out if your packaged water brand is one of them.

Like the one-litre variants, 20-litre packaged drinking   water is also covered under mandatory ISI marking  scheme. For the tests, carried out at an NABL-accredited laboratory, we referred to IS: 14543: 2004 with  the latest  amendments. Test  parameters were mainly  based on Indian Standard  in order to judge the overall quality of the drinking water being sold, as also on the requirements of FSS Regulations, 2011, which cover the product requirements.


 Consumer VOICE also tested 12 brands of bottled water to know which is the Safest Bottled Water (1Lt.)

Brands Tested

  • Aquafina
  • Bisleri
  • DJB Jal


  • Kinley
  • Puredrop




Parameters Compared

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