Best Milk Shake Brands in India

Milk  is considered as one of the healthiest food products in India and you would always prefer your child picking a bottled milk shake over an aerated cold drink. But is it ok to assume that it is a healthier choice? We checked the nutrition facts of flavoured milk on the food labels to know the percentage of Recommended Dietary Allowance of energy, calcium and protein that one serve of these milkshakes has for  7-9 year olds. We also checked if the fat and sugar levels are safe as per the Traffic Light labelling System.  Check the Comparative Results to know if your child’s favorite brand is one of the best milk shake brands in India.

Brands Compared: Ananda, Amul, Cavin, Hershey’s, Mother Dairy, Nilgiris and Paras

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For consumers looking for an optimal combination of taste, health and convenience, milk shakes and flavoured milk are presented as an alternative to many other beverages. These products are expected to be a source of energy, protein and calcium, especially for children. Keeping this factor in view, the following report analyses the information pertaining to these nutrients given on the food labels of seven brands. We have also rated the sugar and fat quantities as per Traffic Light Colours to enable consumers to quickly decide if the product they are picking up fits in with their general ‘healthy food’ choices.

Brands Compared

  • Ananda Flavoured Milk
  • Amul Kool Shakers
  • Cavin’s Milk Shake
  • Hershey’s Milk Shake
  • Mother Dairy Milk Shake
  • Nilgiris Flavoured Milk Shake
  • Paras Delight Strawberry

As per Food Safety and Standards (Food Products Standards and Food Additives) Regulations, 2011:

‘Flavoured milk’, by whatever name called, may contain nuts (whole, fragmented or ground), chocolate, coffee or any other edible flavour, edible food colours and cane sugar. Flavoured milk shall be pasteurised, sterilised, or boiled. The type of milk shall be mentioned on the label.

Parameters Compared

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