Which is the Best Ice Cream Brand?

Ice creams and Frozen Desserts are the favorites to beat the summer heat. Apart from being rich in sugar they have high levels of fat and energy. Consumer VOICE has decoded the nutritional labels of various ice cream and frozen dessert brands to know which is the best ice cream brand  and also as per the Traffic Light Labeling System which ice cream brand is healthier option.

Brands Tested:  Mother Dairy, Kwality Walls, Cream Bell, Vadilal, Amul, London Dairy, Havmor, Kwality Walls Magnum

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Almost all of us check the food labels to check the manufacturing or best before or expiry date of packed ready to eat products. However there are few very important facts which are at times written in a very obscure font. For example many people would not know the difference between ice cream and frozen dessert and presume them to be same. But they are fundamentally different and all manufacturers have to classify or specify if the dessert is an ice cream or frozen dessert. We checked the food labels of 8 brands to know their classification and also the levels of important nutrients so as to know if they have the recommended dietary allowances and also if they are safe as per the Traffic Labelling System.


  • Mother Dairy
  • Kwality Walls
  • Cream Bell
  • Vadilal
  • Amul
  • London Dairy
  • Havmor
  • Kwality Walls Magnum


  • Energy
  • Protein
  • Fat
  • Sugar

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