Utensil-Cleaning Bars Which one does the dishes best?

Utensil bar is the essential kitchen cleaning product found in every home. However, how do you know if your utensil cleaning bar is the best? Some might be very good at cleaning your cookware but it might be harmful for your hands. Some might last long while others might get soggy very easily. Consumer VOICE tested 10 popular brands of utensil cleaning bars based on tough soil cleaning, cleaning efficacy and others. You will also find manufacturers’ comment and key findings from the detailed test reports below.

Brands Tested: Clean Mate, Xpert, Vim, Nip, Pril, Odopic, Pitambari, Reliance, Exo, Patanjali

All one may be concerned about is the cleaning efficacy of the product but clearly there’s more to it than just that. Cleaning is what your regular utensil bar does or is expected to do. That being the basic requirement, what may be the differentiating factor that makes one brand of cleaning bar preferable to another? The one that does least or no damage to your dishes through the constant washing, while also being capable of removing the toughest stains and grease? Or the one that gets less soggy? What factors determine these attributes in the utensil bar? Read on to find out which brands’ claims to superiority and differentiation held out in the tests that we put them through, as per parameters defined by the national standard.

We evaluated the 10 brands as per their overall performance based on the comprehensive lab-test reports. The tests covered a range of quality, performance and acceptability parameters. These included cleaning efficacy, tough-soil cleaning, active matter, surface damage, lather, mushiness, moisture, active alkalinity, retention on 250-micron sieve, and matter insoluble in alcohol. The performance tests were conducted using stainless-steel plates as per guidelines of Indian Standard. It may be noted that Exo and Pitambari claimed to be anti-bacterial.

The samples were tested as per requirements specified in IS: 6047: 2009 (reaffirmed in 2016). The tests were conducted at an NABL-accredited laboratory.

Parameters Compared

  • Cleaning efficacy
  • Active matter
  • Tough-soil cleaning
  • Surface damage
  • Lather | Moisture
  • Active alkalinity
  • Mushiness
  • Retention on sieve
  • Matter insoluble in alcohol

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