Which is the best Basmati Rice Brand in India?

Consumer VOICE experts studied the Basmati rice on basis of grain length/breadth ratio, average precooked grain length and elongation ratio along with other parameters.

The testing was conducted at an NABL-accredited laboratory. Know the result of DNA test that listed the purest basmati rice with no other rice trace and also know the brands which had high lead as compared to the specified limit.

Brands Studied :  Golden harvest, Lal Qilla, Patanjali, Tilda, Asbah, India Gate, Daawat, Organic Tattva, Aeroplane, Heritage, Kohinoor, Fortune


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Basmati rice: Looking for more than a grain of truth

Eating basmati rice is a complete sensual experience. There is appetite-inducing aroma, visual appeal, great taste, and an utter and inexplicable sense of fulfillment. Basmati rice is essentially about its long grains and the magic they stir up. However, all grains are not made equal. There is a minimum precooked and post-cooking grain length that determines the quality of the rice. One may also have to contend with broken and fragments grains, damaged/discoloured grains, etc.

In an inferior product, there may be red-striped grains, green grains, chalky grains, and so on. Then there are safety concerns of course, mainly relating to possible contamination by heavy metals and presence of pesticide residues. Keeping the relevant standards as reference point, we tested 12 leading brands of basmati rice on the above-mentioned parameters as well as other key quality determinants. A crucial aspect of the test programme was DNA analysis of the samples to detect any adulteration with non-basmati rice.


  • Golden harvest
  • Lal Qilla
  • Patanjali
  • Tilda
  • Asbah
  • India Gate
  • Daawat
  • Organic Tattva
  • Aeroplane
  • Heritage
  • Kohinoor
  • Fortune


  • DNA analysis of the samples to detect any adulteration with non-basmati rice
  • Grain length/breadth ratio
  • Average pre-cooked grain length and elongation ratio
  • Broken and fragments grains
  • Damaged/discoloured grains,
  • Chalky grains
  • Green grains
  • Other grains
  • Moisture
  • Uric acid
  • Aflatoxins
  • Foreign matter (such as dust and stones)
  • Heavy metals lead and arsenic
  • Pesticide residues

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