Which is the Best 32 Inch LED TV under 35K?

Consumer VOICE experts compared 10 brands (22 models) of 32 inch LED TV on the basis of screen size, power consumption, star rating and retail price to help you compare and decide the best 32 inch LED TV that suits your requirements. 

Brands Compared: Sony, Akai, Haier, LG, Samsung, Onida,Panasonic, Philips, BPL and Sanyo

When it comes to buying a TV , there’s a huge array of brands and models claiming different features and offering varied panel sizes within the same price range. There are LCD TVs, LED TVs and OLED TVs to look at. So, it all starts from what type of display technology you want. Then, most of us tend to stick to known, leading brands. But these may not be the best choices always. There are various factors to consider, other than the brand name like the after sales service. Is the installation included in the price? What kind of warranty does it come with? TV Buying Guide prepared by our experts can help you to know all the features in detail.

This comparative study studies the most popular choice that is LED TV and the most popular size in the category that is 32 inch LED TV. This study would help you sort out the criteria you may apply when choosing your new TV and also does a comprehensive comparison of brands on some helpful parameters. There are lots of abbreviated tech-specific terms nowadays for example, HDMI, SPDIF, DLNA – but let that not overwhelm you, because a little bit of extra effort to study your requirements will make all the difference to your TV experience. We have compared the most popular brands for your convenience.

Brands Compared of 32 inch LED TV

  • SONY
  • AKAI
  • LG
  • BPL


  • Screen Size
  • Standby-mode power consumption
  • Active power consumption
  • Annual power consumption
  • Star Rating
  • Retail price

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