Are you using the best desi ghee?

A dollop of desi ghee on your paratha is a must for most of us! Desi ghee has a dual purpose. While it enhances the taste it also acts as a great immune booster. Like most products, consumers are flooded with several brands of desi ghee. Consumer VOICE tested 12 most popular brands of desi ghee on key parameters like trans fat, cholesterol level, MUFA and PUFA.

Brands Tested: Anik, Madhusudhan, Verka, Mother Dairy, Heritage, Amul, Paras, Fresh and Pure, Nestle, Milkfood, Britannia and Ananda

What are the vitamins included in desi ghee?
Desi ghee is very good source of healthy fat soluble vitamins including vitamin A, D, E and K.
Why is desi ghee good for health?
Desi ghee also helps to lubricate connective tissues, which increases flexibility. In addition, the components in ghee can help decrease inflammation, which is also important for maintaining a healthy digestive system.
Is desi ghee the same everywhere in the country?
Due to variation in its composition from region to region and season to season, depending on the type of animal and the feed given, the establishment of its purity often involves elaborate analysis, as well as tests for its keeping quality.
What are the parameters used for testing?
The parameters used for testing include included milk fat, transfat, vitamin A and saturated fat, PUFA, MUFA.
How many brands did Consumer VOICE test?
Consumer VOICE tested 12 popular brands of desi ghee.
What are the test results?
The test results can be found in the latest digital magazine of April 2020. Click here to get