Are chocolate cream biscuits healthy?

Chocolate cream biscuits (originally known as bourbon biscuits) are difficult to resist and give instant satisfaction and energy. They are popular with children and adults alike. Consumer VOICE experts compared some popular Chocolate Cream Biscuits to check if the energy, protein and fiber claims as per the food labels are accurate and also if they are safe enough for frequent consumption as per the Traffic Light Labeling System.

Brands Compared :  Yummy by Anmol, Cream Delight by Bonn, Bourbon by Britannia, Bourbon by Dukes, Bourbon by McVities, Choco Creme by Oreo, Fab Bourbon by Parle, Creamfeast by Patanjali, Bourbon creme by Priyagold

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With so many variants and brands of cream biscuits or bourbons biscuits out there to get our attention, we are definitely better off knowing on what basis to pick our brands. The easiest place to start with is the information given on the food label, and that’s what we will do in the following report. Given that nutrition labels are not always easy or simple enough to interpret, or standardised for enabling comparison among brands in a specific category, we have here culled out the essential details on the basis of which we as consumers can make informed and healthy choices. Please read the complete report to decide which chocolate cream biscuit to be bought!

Brands Compared

  • Yummy by Anmol
  • Cream Delight by Bonn
  • Bourbon by Britannia
  • Bourbon by Dukes
  • Bourbon by McVities
  • Choco Creme by Oreo
  • Fab Bourbon by Parle
  • Creamfeast by Patanjali
  • Bourbon creme by Priyagold

Parameters Compared

  • Energy and Protein
  • Fat, Sugar and Salt

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