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 7 Things you should know before buying a Health Insurance Policy
Whether you are single or a family person – you would need health insurance. But what are the things that you should remember before buying a health insurance policy? Read More


How to buy Best Term Life Insurance Plans?

In the unfortunate event of one’s death, the term insurance plan gives the immediate family a sufficient amount to maintain their standard of living. Go on to read the advantages and limitations of the term insurance policy

What Does the Package Commercial Car Insurance Policy Offer?
Are you an owner of a commercial car? Then its insurance policy will differ from motor vehicle insurance.  Here is a list of things that you can expect in a commercial car insurance policy.


Buying Guide - Best Cancer Insurance Plans

Cancer is spreading like wildfire and one of the ways you can protect yourself other than a healthy lifestyle is taking a good cancer insurance plan.  Here are some reasons as to why you should have a cancer insurance plan in the first place.

COO’s Desk – Is India e-commerce ready?

Driven by the rising smartphone penetration, the launch of 4G networks and increasing consumer wealth, the Indian e-commerce market is expected to grow in leaps and bounds in the near future. But is India e-commerce ready? MrAshimSanyal, Consumer VOICE COO, speaks his mind here


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