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A new year brings renewed hopes, promises and aspirations! If you are thinking of ringing in the New Year with the latest consumer goods and products, then here are some product reviews for your benefit!


The Best

Water Heater

between 5K and 10K


Buying Guide of Consumer VOICE

Consumer VOICE helps you take the right choice and make the correct decision with its highly-acclaimed and universally recognised one-of-its-kind buying guide. From tips on buying the best smartphone to advantages of inverter AC, from best used-car loans to the best cancer insurance policy. Click here for all our buying guides.


All that Glitters is not Silver!

Think before you munch on your favourite sweet decorated with silver vark! Watch this video to know how to test for adulteration?



Campaign Update- National Release of the “Big Tobacco Tiny Targets” Study

The National release of the 'Big Tobacco Tiny Targets' study took place in New Delhi on 16th January 2019, which saw participants from WHO, MoHFW, Vital Strategies, PHFI, Indian Cancer Society, CTFK India Team, Sambandh Foundation Voice of Tobacco Victims ( VOTV), school children and other prominent NGOs.  Read More


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