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This month Consumer VOICE brings some exciting changes to the website:


Every month, our COO, Mr Ashim Sanyal will share his views and opinions on consumer issues exclusively for our website. This month he shares the ‘Light of Hope for Consumers, Rich and Poor.



Photos, Cartoons, Illustrations, Videos, News, Blogs and much more…now web exclusive articles just for you! Enter a whole new web world of Consumer VOICE!


Now no more hunting for breaking consumer news! It’s all here for you! New Consumer Laws, Consumer Acts is just a click away


Starting this month, TV viewing will not be the same! New framework by TRAI will change our cable TV subscription charges and give you more freedom to choose your channels. This video gives an insight into the new TRAI rules.


Consumer VOICE Magazine has been an instrument of change and knowledge for our subscribers. It empowers them to make informed choices by knowing the exact facts and stories behind the claims that manufacturers and companies make.

Magazine Includes :

  • Best Buys and Value for Money  Product Reviews and Recommendations
  • Financial Advice by our Banking and Finance Desk
  • Legal Advice by Team of Experts
  • Informative Articles, Case studies & real stories of consumers

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