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Adulteration of food products is one of the biggest health threats to the Indian Consumers. There are laws against it but it is still prevalent and practiced at a much larger scale than a common man can envisage. Hence the Indian Government, FSSAI and we at Consumer VOICE advocate the need of Indian Consumers to be informed and hands-on about the ways and means to beat this menace.  

There is a little bit of scientist in all of us. It’s a matter of using a few simple scientific principles to discover adulteration in most of the commonly used food products in Indian household. For example:
  • Lighter things float and heavier things sink in water. Using this principle, you can detect papaya seeds added to black pepper. Papaya seeds float to the top in a glass of water and black pepper settles down.
  • Natural colors do not give away their color that quickly in water however synthetic colors dissolve quickly. If you put a spoonful of red chilies in water, natural one floats and does not give any color, however if adulterated with color, it will leave a streak of color immediately.

We have listed simplest of the adulteration home tests for milk, honey, tea, food grains and spices for you to perform to check if the grocery that you get every month is safe for consumption and worth the money.

Consumer VOICE regularly tests food products to check the authenticity of purity claims of various brands.  Tests are done at NABL accredited labs as per the specifications and parameters defined by FSS Regulations and India Standards.

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