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5 ways to celebrate a Safer, Healthier and SMARTER 

Diwali, the most celebrated and awaited festival of India brings joy, happiness and the much anticipated economic bang along with lots of damaging consequences.


#1 Say NO to Crackers

Stop blaming everyone else but you for the alarming levels of pollution. Take charge. Say NO to crackers this Diwali. Check pollution levels in your city now.

#2 Eco-friendly Lights

Buy environment friendly clay diyas and lighten up few hearts around you. You will feed a few mouths and keep the tradition of pottery alive!

#3 Healthy Mithai

Try Dadi and Nani’s recipes at home and gorge on the scrumptious mithai. Adulteration is at all time high during Diwali. Detect adulteration in Mithai, Milk, Khoya/mawa and Vark here.

#4 Real Laxmi Pujan

Respect the women in your life  and Maa Laxmi will bless you naturally!

#5 Shop SMARTly

Don’t fall to prey to the deals. Utilize the most auspicious time of the year to splurge SMARTly on new household things and make SMART investments. Refer to Consumer VOICE expert recommendation and  Become a SMART Consumer.
Consumer VOICE wishes you a safe and healthy Diwali!
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