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Is Summer Vacation Leading to Obesity in your child?

Summer Vacations are fun for children! No early mornings and prodding to finish meals.  It’s blissful – just plonked in front of the TV or immersed in a tablet and gorging endlessly on ready-to-eat snacks and drinks to satisfy the hunger pangs every now and then.
If that’s a picture straight out of your home, then the information below is very important for you!
We at Consumer VOICE have tested some of the popular ready-to-eat snacks and drink brands and found out that very few are fit to be consumed on regular basis while others have alarmingly high levels of sugar, salt and calories. One serving of some of these products is equal to the Recommended Dietary Allowance of a day for an adult. This excessive amount of energy, sugar, protein, salt and fats is leading to an entire generation who is at risk of heart ailments, diabetic complications and hypertension in their early twenties.

Smart Consumer

You want value for money but at times because of marketing gimmicks, end up taking a hasty decision to buy products or services that are not needed or don’t have the desired features or are simply below the standards. It is worse if you did not check the return policy or simply did not bother to have a bill. Hence a SMART Consumer is the one who buys best products or services as per requirements and knows how to protect oneself from any problem thereafter.

Food Labels Decoded

Consumer VOICE has decoded the food labels of following ready to eat products. Check the Analysis of Energy, Sugar, Fat, Salt and Protein.



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