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Are you consuming Synthetic Paneer?


Synthetic paneer is a reality in India and milk adulteration is a way of life. We at Consumer VOICE in yet another endeavor to sensitize consumers are conducting Paneer Adulteration Tests per the Indian Standard IS 13688: 1999 and Food Safety Standard regulation 201. The test not only checks if its synthetic paneer or fresh but also tests various other qualitative and microbial safety parameters. To find the best fresh paneer brands in India, we have taken 9 brands for testing.

Brands Tested:  Amul, Mother dairy, Ananda,Paras, Gowerdhan, Verka,Vita, Nova and Garwal.  PREVIEW 

Which is the best detergent powder for washing machines?







Consumer VOICE is testing about 10 brands of detergent powder  as per the detergency standards defined in the Indian IS:4955. Tests are being conducted at NABL accredited lab to find the best detergent for washing machine.

Brands Tested:  Surf, Rin, Henko, Ariel, Tide, Mr. White, Nirma, Active wheel, Fena and Ghari.  PREVIEW 


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