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 RERA Act 2016 Guide

If you are one of the distressed home buyers and looking for dispute resolution, RERA Act 2016 comes as breather for you!  We have a complete RERA Guide – How and when to file a complaint? What are the RERA Guidelines?
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Looking for a Value for Money loan to buy a second hand car?

Is it Axis Bank or State Bank of India? Or does Punjab National Bank score better when it comes to choosing a bank for your second hand car loan? Find answer to your queries here.

Does the Nominee of your bank account equals to your Legal Heir?

What does ‘nominee’ mean in banking terms, is it the same as ‘legal heir’ or is it different and whose claim is greater in the event of a conflict? Read to know more.

Is the Pure Fruit Juice 100% pure?

The brands that claim being 100% pure should not have added sugar at all, only the fruit beverages or ready to drink juices can have it. These and many other factors about 9 popular mixed fruit juices and fruit drinks brand have been decoded for you. Read complete Report here

Buying Guide: Washing Machine

Top-load or front-load, automatic or semi-automatic, what are the most important features to be considered before buying a washing machine? If these questions resonate with you, read our comprehensive Washing Machine Buying Guide and also check out the Product Survey of Automatic Top-Loading Washing Machine. Click here.




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