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Did you know Delhi Jal Board (DJB) water is better than Bisleri and Kinley in 20 litre packaged drinking water? Do you know that you could be having frozen dessert in the name of ice cream? Well how do you know if your brand of oil contains saturated fat or not. It’s time for you to stop following the glossy advertisements and false claims. In the age of fake news, Consumer VOICE comes up with authentic, scientifically tested results of consumer durables and food products just for you. Consumer is King and we believe in that.

Consumer VOICE is the only voluntary organization in India that brings you independent and unbiased comparative product test reports since 1997. Every month, our in-house experts choose the products meticulously and purchases the samples from the markets which are then send to the government approved laboratories for unbiased testing. The testing is done based on several key parameters of each product. For details procedures about comparative product testing, click here

Over the years, Consumer VOICE has tested products ranging from oats to muesli, from shaving cream to toothpaste, from groundnut oil to mustard oil. Our financial experts also analyse banking and finance products to help you select the best insurance plan or home loans. Some of the results will be an eye opener for you. Be an informed consumer. Be an educated consumer. Below is the list of products tested and compared in the last two years.

Get hold of the digital reports today to know if the brand that you are using is the best or is it time for you to make the switch. If you are looking for individual monthly reports, you can click on the links below.

Comparative Product Tests of 2020

Comparative Product Tests of 2019

Comparative Product Tests of 2018

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