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Why Consumer Voice?

  • Competent Team of Legal Experts who specialize in Consumer Protection Act and are competent to file and defend consumer complaints at all levels.
  • Legal Advice on all issues related to consumer rights & laws and unfair trade practices in India .

    About Consumer VOICE

    Consumer VOICE is a a pioneer consumer protection group (NGO) based in New Delhi working for consumer-education, a champion of Consumer interests & issues since 1983. We have been representing and protecting consumer interests with policy-makers, judiciary, and statutory regulatory bodiesWe are impartial and independent in our approach to issues plaguing consumers. Our values and clear-sightedness help consumers make the most informed legal choices.

    Fill in the form given above, with all the details and you will hear from us Legal Helpdesk soon!

    Note: Consumer Voice will not represent you in civil or criminal court cases and we do not take up cases related to commercial or business matters.

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