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If you are in need of legal advice for defective goods or services bought from a manufacturer or a retailer or a service provder, then look no further!


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Are you harassed by the real estate agent of your dream house? Is the electronics dealer not ready to exchange faulty products? Has your internet service provider charged more than you bargained for? Have you suffered a loss due to a travel company's or Indian Railway's inefficiency?

You are one of the millions of harassed Indian consumers who have complaints related to the above mentioned or many other grievances regarding the quality or the unfair means used by the goods or service providers. The indifference of the manufacturers or the service providers or the complexities of the process to resolve these issues disheartens you. However, the government of India protects all Indian Citizens by the Consumer Protection Act, 1986 and there is an increasing trend of resolution of consumer complaints by the consumer forums and arbitration agreements. Different types of complaints are dealt differently under the various sections of this law and Consumer VOICE has been working tirelessly for last 35 years to educate, represent and protect consumer interests with policy-makers, judiciary and other statutory regulatory bodies. 

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