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Whitening Toothpaste – Does It Really Whiten Your Teeth

Everyone dreams of having pearly white teeth that are perfectly aligned and make us more beautiful. Unfortunately, most of us don’t have near perfect teeth,andthis compels us to rely on everything that promises to help, be it the baking soda or whitening toothpaste.If you are an Indian consumer who is […]

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Charcoal in Toothpaste – Is it good or bad?

There were times when you heard the word charcoal, you thought of the old charcoal stoves on which your grandmothers used to cook food. But now, charcoal is present in everything from a face mask to a toothpaste.If you want to know whether charcoal in toothpaste is a smart idea […]

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Types of Toothpastes

When you want to buy toothpaste from the market, you will come across different types of toothpastes offered by different brands. Choosing the right one can be a real problem until you know what options you have and which toothpaste will meet your expectations. A simple solution to this problem […]

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Medicated Toothpastes – Pros and Cons

With time, medical science innovations are increasing at a rapid pace. One of the innovations of medical science that has got a lot of attention lately is the invention of medicated toothpastes.  As the name suggests, these toothpastes have some medicinal properties. They are created specifically to help in solving […]

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Things You Should Know About Pressure Washer Surface Cleaner

When you see useful videos of pressure washing over the internet, you instantly think about buying a pressure washing machine and using a pressure washer surface cleaner. You should know that buying pressure washing equipment is a costly decision and it needs considerable investment. So, think before you buy one! […]

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Types of Surface Cleaners

Many people are curious about the types of surface cleaners available in the market and why they should use them. If you are one such person and you also want to know the importance and usefulness of surface cleaners then do read on. The Perception ChangeOnly a few years back, […]

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Pros and Cons of Surface Cleaners

The harmful effects of surface cleaners make many people wonder even if they should use surface cleaners every day. If you are one such person who uses surface cleaners on a daily basis, then you should know that there are two main categories of surface cleaners, ammonia-based surface cleaners, and […]

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Making the Smart Choice – Select the best surface cleaner

Are you looking for the best way to keep your surface clean? Do you get frustrated if after spending a lot of time in cleaning your house, you don’t see the results? If you’ve answered yes to both then here is the solution. The most important part of keeping a […]

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Importance of Wet Wipes

Hygiene and sanitisation is a big concern in India. Due to its tropical climate, India is vulnerable to  germs and diseases including viral infection, allergies, and rashes. In order to keep away from these ailments we need to look after our hygiene habits.Due to its exceptional cleansing properties and also […]

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What are hand sanitisers?

When we visit any play area/park, you will notice a few mothers who will pull out their hand sanitisers when their child is done playing. This is a practice to eliminate germs caught on their skin. The idea is to keep the child healthier. We all know the benefits of […]

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Think before you clean your hand with that hand sanitiser

Sanitizers and wet wipes are our go-to options in situations where we need a handy solution to maintain personal hygiene. The wet-wipe industry in particular has flourished with manufacturers offering an ever broader range of wipes – for sensitive skin, babies’ bottoms, removing make-up, and what have you. The thing, […]

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