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Consumer VOICE is here to help you against insurance fraud

Medical insurance, health insurance, home insurance and term insurance – all these are now an integral part of our lives. With medical costs spiralling each day, with cases of thefts and burglary increasing, these insurance policies help us protect our families and health. Medical or health insurance helps financially when one needs most, home insurance protects against accidents, fire, theft or burglary, travel insurance covers you against any mishap during your travel. Consumers also buy term insurance for maximum cover, and even insurance for expensive items like laptops and mobile phones.

But many a times, it has been seen that consumers face insurance fraud and they don’t get their due when required. Fine print is often misleading or too difficult for common man to understand. This especially happens with medical insurance. It is often seen that health insurance companies refuse to pay a certain amount stating certain clause in the insurance which probably was not explained to you at the time of purchase.

How can Consumer VOICE help?

  • Consumer VOICE will help all consumers who have complaints against health insurance company, home insurance or any other insurance company.
  • We will guide you and let you know where to complaint against insurance company or even post your complaint on IRDA online complaint cell.
  • If you are facing insurance fraud or in any way cheated by any insurance company, then do not hesitate to approach Consumer VOICE Legal Help Desk.

Consumer Testimonials

"My complaint against Reliance Insurance Pvt Ltd regarding my Medical insurance and claim was settledamicably through Voice. I am thankful to them for their sincere efforts."

Mr Pramod Sharma
"I bought a brand new Motorola phone whose mother board was faulty. The service center was making me run for it. Nothing moved even after 4 weeks. Ultimately I approached Consumer Voice. They helped me and got the issue solved through the company within a week. I am thankful to Consumer Voice for their efforts."

"We are glad to know that you are an agency involved in such noble task of awareness to the masses for quality of products for everyday use."

Anand Saini

How to Contact Our Legal Experts

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