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An innovative weight loss treatment per session

An innovative weight loss treatment per session

With people becoming extremely cautious about weight and are reducing the diet to be in shape, VLCC, the largest players in the wellness domain with leadership status in slimming, beauty and fitness services has introduced innovative slimming solution VLCC Duo Therapy. This technologically advanced and ultra safe slimming solution promises significant weight and centimeter loss in every per session, thereby delivering immediate and measurable results. The Duo Therapy was launched by Mrs Vandana Luthra Founder & Mentor, VLCC at the state-of-the-art VLCC Centre at Dwarka, with Delhi NCR region.

Talking about the treatment Vandana said “as an organization strongly entrenched in R&D across all product and service offerings, VLCC’s strength has been in constantly innovating and improving its offerings in the wellness segment. Duo Therapy is the latest offering from VLCC, adding to the already existing wide range of VLCC slimming solutions. The cutting edge advanced treatment has been developed incorporating the latest global advances in the field utilizing cutting edge cavitations and RF technologies”.

Duo Therapy is a scientific and advanced treatment that uses low frequency ultrasonic waves on localized areas to achieve centimeter loss and weight loss. These low frequency ultrasound waves produce a ‘Cavitation’ effect on the adipocytes by breaking the cell wall and releasing the free fatty acids, and these are partially denatured and removed from the body through the lymphatic system. The rest are taken care of with the negative calorie balance of diet and activities which are suggested by the expert nutritionist. A single session which takes around 45 minutes gives measurable results, and continued treatment over a month, accompanied with suitable dietary modifications and activity patterns, gives excellent body shaping results. The treatment is recommended once per week and is priced at Rs. 5000/ per session.

Speaking on the occasion, Mrs Vandana Luthra said “We at VLCC are committed to offer our customers the best. It gives us immense pleasure to extend our reach of beauty, health and fitness services to the residents of Dwarka and surrounding areas. We are overwhelmed by the appreciation we have received from our clients and their enduring faith which helps us to innovate and provide world class services.”

The VLCC beauty treatments and weight-loss programs are the result of extensive research and scientific trials. VLCC, with its team of qualified professionals including Doctors, Nutritionists, Psychologists, Counselors, Physiotherapists, Nurses and Cosmetologists, employs a multi-disciplinary approach to help both men and women with weight-related problems.

VLCC is the world’s first slimming, fitness and beauty corporate to get the ISO 9001:2000 certification. It is also the first company, of its kind, in the world to get the SA: 8000 (Social Accountability) certifications for implementing corporate social responsibility standards. The VLCC Group has also been awarded the ISO: 14001 certification for meeting global environment standards.

“This new duo therapy seems good. I will definitely try this therapy, as I have odd less of weight to lose. Therefore, I will try and it will see the result” said Sonam, guest presented at the event.

However, with the effect of technology advancement, many machines, lasers and equipments have been made, but there have been cases where these equipments have not promised safe operations. Many people have suffered rather have side effects after undergoing through some treatments in a bid to  lose the weight, look young and fair, control the hair fall etc. There has been point of views against these practices, as those views have been acknowledged with a thought that one should not go against nature, some things are natural and we should let them as it is.

These skin, hair, fat, weight other enhancement tools are doing round in the market, but are they really safe to use? Or they are exclusively for high societies because of the cost?

Consumer VOICE

Consumer VOICE

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