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Body Wash And Shower Gel

Sweat, dirt and oil are the biggest enemies in the world of skin care. In our fast paced life, body wash and shower gel are fast and convenient options for a quick clean feel. These are new products in the Indian market but an increasing number of urban households have already started to use them instead of soaps. Over the years, it has been a matter of argument whether body washes and shower gels are better than soaps in terms of saving money, time and water. But the reason why people often choose to go for them is that soaps are more abrasive for the skin whereas body washes and shower gels leave a gentle, soft and moisturising effect on the skin. Consumer VOICE did a panel test of a total of 7 body wash and shower gel brands to help you choose the right one.

Proctor and Gamble developed Ivory Soap in 1878 and before that cleaning was a mere chore. Now cleaning with a soap is not the only option, there is a variety of body washes and shower gels available in the Indian market. People often opt for them over soaps as they are more convenient to travel with. Body wash and shower gels can be applied to the body with a loofah, wash cloth or bath sponge.

There is a wide range of body washes and shower gels available in the market outside India categorised as special for men, women, kids and infants. In India, the category of these two products is limited to only men and women.

One should be careful about his/her skin type while choosing a shower gel or body wash and should read the ingredient list before purchasing it to avoid any side effects. Parents are advised not to apply body wash or shower gel on children unless it is specified for them as it can be too harsh for young skin. One more reason why some people consider them better than soaps is that they create more lather so leave one with a feeling that they clean more.
Organic body washes and shower gels are perceived as safer and free from harmful chemicals by some consumers. But the reason why people often buy the commercial brands is that organic body washes and shower gels are available only in limited stores and a little more expensive than the regular brands.

Difference Between Body Wash And Shower Gel

Body wash and shower gel are liquid forms of soaps which are used to clean the body. The main difference between body wash and shower gel is their respective texture. While body wash is more like liquid soaps and dishwashing liquids in texture, shower gel has a gel like consistency. Both body wash and shower gel come with different colours and fragrances.
Shower gels mostly have a higher concentration of fragrance than body washes.

Body Wash/Shower Gel Market In India

With the increasing consumer obsession for spending a lot of money for health and skin care, urban consumers are also getting more demanding. They prefer using body wash and shower gels instead of traditional soap to keep up with market trends and to satisfy their urge to experiment with new products. The traditional soap market grew with an estimated ` 6500 crore annual business in 2008 with new brands flooding the market, whereas the shower gel and body wash market grew with ` 300 crore and is poised to be growing to higher levels in coming years.

Some Facts

Sodium laurate sulfate (SLS) is a common ingredient used in all our body washes, shower gels, detergents, shampoos, and other similar products to create lather. The main reason manufacturers prefer it over other foaming agents is that it is very cheap and effective. But it has its negative impact too as it can cause damage to hair follicles and skin and may also cause permanent eye damage and liver toxicity. A report published in the Journal of The American College of Toxicology in 1983 said that concentration of SLS as low as 0.5% can cause skin irritation.
Once SLS has been absorbed into the body, it has started to impersonate the activity of Oestrogen which can lead to menopausal symptoms, male infertility and breast cancer.

Homemade Body Wash

If you use body wash and shower gels but do not like its cost then here are some easy and cheap ways to make it yourself.

7 Options

1.Make a paste of rose petals, mix it with three spoons of essential oil and one spoon of flour. Scrub the paste on your skin and leave it for few minutes. Allow the essential oils to seep it. While scrubbing it, move your hands in a circular motion. Wash it with luke warm water.

2.Mix four spoons of essential oils with half cup of baking soda. Lather it on your skin and leave it for 15 minutes. Wash it off with cold water.

3.Mix one spoon of essential oil to half cup of boiled water. Then mix it with four spoons of sea clay. Apply this paste on your body and let it stiffen. Wash it off with cold water.

4.Soak desired herbs, flower petals in 5 spoons of essential oils. Apply this oil on your body before bath and wash it off with warm water.

5.Add one tablespoon of melted shea butter to 1/4th cup of Aloe Vera and 2 spoons of essential oil. Massage it on your body and leave it for 20 minutes.
6.Mix half cup of essential oil to 1 cup of honey. Apply it on your body in a thin layer. After sometime scrub it off with warm water or cold milk.

7.Mix 2 spoons of thick cream with rose water and essential oil. Massage it well and wash it off with cold water.

These seven homemade body washes, will clean your body of all the impurities, protect it from infection and the essential oils will make you stress free.

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