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Green Action Week 2016

Consumer VOICE  organised “Kisan Goshthi”as a part of  Green Action Week  for the farmers of  Village Bankner ,Narela in Delhi on 23.09.2016 with support from Consumers International & Swedish Society for Nature Conservation SSNC.

The aim of this Meet for Farmers was to address queries on present farming problems, to have in-depth discussion about organic farming and  also to discuss about reducing  dependence on traditional methods of farming.

Shri Mukesh Sharma, Subject Matter Expert, addressed the group of farmers and discussed various methods of organic farming and ill effects of pesticides. Shri Sunil Khatri,Director ,Indian Farmers Fertilizer Cooperative Ltd.was also present and addressed the gathering on  various on- ground problems, suggested solutions on present  farming methods ,gave information on various government schemes to reduce dependence on chemical intensive farming.Mr.Hemant Upadhyay and Ms.Rinki Sharma from Consumer VOICE also addressed the gathering on positive impacts of organic farming.

Shri Raghubir Singh local coordinator also urged to farmers to adopt organic farming as an alternate to chemical intensive farming.Farmers were very enthusiastic and participated very well. Few Farmers also shared their positive experiences on adoption of organic farming after attending our previous workshop.

Eco friendly Jute bags were given to farmers and also colourful informative pamphlets about organic farming,ill effects of pesticides on environment, soil etc. were distributed.

Kisan Goshthi for Women (25th September 2016)

Consumer VOICE organised “Kisan Goshthi” as a part of Green Action Week for the Women of Bankner Village, Narela, Delhi on 25th September, 2016 with support from Consumer International (CI) & Swedish Society for Nature Conservation (SSNC).

The main aim of the meet was to educate women/households of farmers’ families about perils associated with excessive usage of pesticides, how to take small steps in adopting organic farming such as kitchen gardens, sale value of product and effort to connect them with nearby available organic store.

Mr. Mukesh Sharma, Agriculture expert told women about the kitchen gardens, its benefits, how to prepare organic inputs for kitchen garden, pest control,  about availability of organic culture, fertilizers etc. emphasizing on the health benefits of organic farming. So, if they adopt organic farming starting with kitchen gardens for growing organic vegetables they can avoid many ill effects of pesticides and chemicals.

Mr. Hemant Upadhyay from Consumer VOICE shared his views on the benefits of organic farming including commercial viability of Organic Farming. Ms. Rinki Sharma and Amarjeet Singh from Consumer VOICE also addressed the gathering and told women about the benefits of organic Kitchen Garden.

Shri Raghubir Singh coordinator from same village had organized the event, also shared his experiences with participants about his adoption of Organic Farming since our visit last year.

There was distribution of kit in an eco-friendly jute bag having informative posters, pamphlets about organic kitchen gardening.

More than 60 women from the Bankner village participated in the workshop and appreciated the campaign, they also demanded having such meet on regular intervals.

Educational Workshop for Students (01/10/2016)

Consumer VOICE organised  an educational workshop for the students  (Class 11 & 12 of Sarvodaya Vidayalaya) of Bankner Village, Narela, Delhi on 1st October , 2016 as a part of  Green Action Week Campaign with support from Consumer International (CI) & Swedish Society for Nature Conservation (SSNC).

The main objective of this interactive session was to educate and encourage the  students towards adopting practices leading to Safe and Sustainable Food.

Consumer VOICE team members and Subject Matter Experts addressed the participants on various important topics such as  as how to protect environment by opting chemical free farming, benefits of organic farming, importance of green practices, perils associated with pesticides etc.

In the workshop informative posters and  pamphlets prepared on the subject matter were disturbed to the school children in the eco-friendly jute bags.

More than 60 students and teachers of Sarvodaya Vidayalaya (School)  enthusiastically participated in the session and put their queries across.

They were also determined to spread the message among the masses.

Consumer VOICE

Consumer VOICE

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