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Green Action Week Workshop in Rajpur Khurd village

As part of Green Action Week, the residents of Rajpur Khurd village joined hands by planting air purifying plants and trees on 12 Oct 2019. Based on the theme of sharing community, Consumer VOICE celebrated Green Action Week, with the residents of Rajpur Khurd village who enthusiastically planted trees for a cleaner and greener environment.

Participants were sensitized on the problem of air pollution and how joint efforts can contribute towards the solution. Discussion also took place regarding green practices such as using compost pit ,discarding single use plastic from day to day life ,adopting a healthy way of life etc.

Women participants were very enthusiastic and shared their experiences. Participants appreciated organising such community events where they can work together and learn from each other.

They planted various air purifying plants and took the pledge to preserve them. Ms.Rinki Sharma, Head Projects Consumer Voice addressed the gathering along with Shri Vikas Pradhan of village.

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