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Green Action Week Campaign 2017

An initiative of Swedish Society for Nature Conservation (SSNC) in coordination with Consumers International (CI) Green Action Week is being organised from 2nd to 8th October, 2017 all over the globe. Green Action Week (GAW) is a global campaign with the aim to promote sustainable consumption. This year 46 civil society organisations in 29 countries in Africa, Asia, Europe, North- and South America participate in the campaign 2017.

Role of Consumer VOICE in GAW 2017

This is the fourth year that VOICE will be participating in Green Action Week Campaign. The thrust of the whole campaign is on the importance of organic farming and urging consumers to make the switch from conventional to organic food by highlighting the benefits. It has been the endeavour of Consumer VOICE in the previous years to educate farmers communities and families of farmers, women, and students on importance of  sustainable food for all, promoting organic farming, and reducing dependence on chemical intensive farming. Based on Training of Trainers model, this year, VOICE will reach out to consumers raising awareness on the benefits and availability of organic food. VOICE has been already engaged in promoting organising farming and bridging the gap between farmers and consumers through its Prakritk Aahar initiative which is a platform on no profit basis to help identified farmers involved.


1. To create awareness among consumers regarding benefits of organic food and engagement towards organic food.
2. To provide a platform for consumers to buy organic food at reasonable prices without profit making motive.
3. To help and motivate identified group of farmers to continue their activities in organic farming and bring new farmers in the fold.
4. Demonstration of organic food through workshop to provide exposure of organic food to end consumers and help to farmers to meet and explain to end consumers.
5. Farmers identified in different states who are presently growing organic products will be able to demonstrate to other farmers in the village a sustainable profit model to bring them in the organic field and also eliminating middleman.

The overall impact will be that through our efforts and initiative towards availability of organic food to consumers both the target groups –farmers and consumers will be benefited as safe and sustainable food will reach to consumers. Farmers will be motivated and explore the market through Consumer VOICE Platform. Entire Society will be benefitted through environment protection, safe and sustainable food.

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Consumer VOICE

Consumer VOICE

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