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Top 4 Tested Liquid Hand-Wash in India

Prevention is better than cure – probably there will be no one to deny this adage now. Washing hands at regular intervals with a good liquid hand-wash is the best thing that one can do today to protect oneself against the contagious coronavairus or COVID19. In the midst of the global COVID-19 outbreak health specialists have emphasized upon the importance of keeping hands free from germs either by using alcohol based sanitisers or liquid hand-wash.

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Clean hands will protect one from coronavirus and will also help it from spreading. To wash your hands effectively, it needs to be done with clean water and soap or liquid hand-wash. WHO has advised everyone to regularly and thoroughly clean their hands. In the recent past, Consumer VOICE has tested 10 popular brands of liquid hand-wash in NABL accredited laboratories to find out the top performing liquid hand-wash product. Today, several hand-wash soaps claim to be antibacterial and at Consumer Voice we proceeded to test precisely this attribute with regard to liquid hand washes. We conducted antibacterial activity, ‘zone of inhibition’ and bacterial kill efficacy tests in the lab to judge the effectiveness of 10 liquid hand-wash brands in removal/ killing of microbes/germs.

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