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  • Best Buys and Value for Money. Product Reviews and Recommendations by our experts basis the comparative product testing of various products and services.
  • Financial Advice. Our Banking and Finance Desk provides expert advice on various financial products, services and instruments.
  • Legal Advice. Our team of experts provide guidance to various aspects of Consumer Protection Act 1986.
  • Informative Articles. Case studies and real stories of consumers pertaining to consumer laws, food, consumer durables, health, travel and much more.


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Journey of Consumer VOICE Magazine

Consumer Voice has been the champion of Consumer Rights and Laws for 35 years. Our experts include educationists, philanthropists and professionals who have been relentlessly working for the education and awareness of Indian Consumer. Consumer VOICE Magazine has been an instrument of change and knowledge for our subscribers since it empowers them to make informed choices by knowing the exact facts and stories behind the claims that manufacturers and companies make.

The journey of Consumer VOICE Magazine started with Comparative Product Testing in 1991 that provided a start to the publication of Consumer Affairs in the University Times and buying guides for color TVs in 1993.

  • In 1997, the first bi-monthly Consumer VOICE Magazine in English was published
  • In 2004, the first bi-monthly Hindi Magazine was published
  • In 2006, monthly publication of English Magazine started
  • In 2010, monthly publication of Hindi Magazine started
  • In 2015, we started with digital versions of both.

With 260 Editions so far and a soaring readership of 15 thousand subscribers, we have come a long way and strive to empower every consumer in India.

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