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If you are facing consumer issues, with our help, you can get refunds, replacements, repairs etc. Consumer VOICE gives you hassle free life by resolving your issues.

Here is how Consumer VOICE (voluntary consumer organization) works:

*Consumer Voice will not represent you in civil or criminal court cases and we do not take up cases related to commercial or business matters.

Step 1-

  • Visit Consumer VOICE website and enter your details 
  • Specify the type of complaint as per sector and register yourself with VOICE.
  • Basic Legal Advice is free of cost for our Consumer VOICE Subscribers; however there would be a small token amount for others.
  • Consumer VOICE will then take the complaint directly to the escalation team who has the power to resolve your grievance. VOICE will follow up with the concern company and keep the customer updated via Email & Phone.

Step 2-

  • We will send the company a notice. A notice is a letter which explains what exactly happened and why is the customer unhappy. It also states what the customer would like the company to do and what he would do in case the company does not resolve the issue. 

Step 3-

  • At this stage, usually the company will call us or email us and start taking our complaint seriously. If they offer relief, or some kind of incentives, coupons, free product or service, we can think of considering their offer. 
  • There is also the possibility that the company will not reply to our notice or reply to say that they would not be able to solve the complaint. In such a case, we will be left with no option but to go to the appropriate consumer forum.

Step 4-

  • We will file case on behalf of the consumers, for which we have mentioned our charges in the website. Typically it will take about 6-18 months to resolve a complaint through the District Forum. If the stakes involved are high, either side may appeal to the State Forum and the matter may take longer. 
  • Once the consumer complaint is filed, the consumer forum sends a notice to the company asking them to respond to the complaint. 

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