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Home Loan Guide – A step by step guide for your dream home

A home which you can call your own is always a dream for many. But it is almost difficult to fulfill this dream if you do not get a good home loan.  And if you are a first time home buyer, you would need some tips and help from experts to help you guide through the process of home loans. Consumer VOICE that has been an expert in providing financial guidance among other things to consumers has analysed home loans provided by top banks and NBFCs to guide you through the process of home loans.Check your eligibility criteria, pros and cons of fixed and floating interest rates, documents for getting a home loan and redressal mechanism incase you fall in some unwanted trap…all this and much more in this concise and effective home loan guide. Developed by experts in the field of banking and finance, this home loan guide will help you make all the right moves towards making the correct choice for home loans.

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