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Difficult to Survive without the best health insurance cover

No one thinks about taking a health insurance until we are hit badly by a need. However, given the spurt of diseases, everyone should take a suitable health insurance cover to meet the medical care expenses. You must know a health insurance is an agreement between an insurance provider and an individual wherein the former guarantees to take care of certain medical costs of the latter based on the premium paid without default. The Individual health insurance plan covers only one individual, the policyholder- who will gain from the health insurance.

Now, choosing the health insurance that meets your need is not easy and most of the time we consult our friends and colleagues to understand what kind of plan to choose. To make this for you a hassle-free exercise, this time Consumer Voice team has evaluated 6 health insurance companies and reviewed them on parameters including pre-hospitalization (days), post-hospitalization (days), day-care coverage, domiciliary treatment, maternity treatment among others and identified the best one for you.

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What you will gain from this report?

⮚  Complete understanding of health insurance cover.

⮚  What to ask your insurance provider?

⮚  Don’ts and dos of choosing a health insurance cover.

⮚  Who is the best health insurance provider and why?

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